Coactivation Map of the Human Brain

Data, command line tool and interactive viewer for the Human Brain Coactivation Map

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Understanding the structure of the interactions among different brain regions is fundamental to understand brain function. Coactivation Map lets you browse through a complete map of functional connections in the human brain derived by an automatic meta-analysis of more than 9,000 neuroimaging articles in the NeuroSynth database.

Download the data, the application, click on the image, or use the left slides to select a seed voxel. Then, see which brain regions are frequently engaged together with the seed voxel by using the right slides, or simply clicking on the image.

First, download the data

Getting started with the interactive viewer (Mac only)

The binary was compiled for Mac OS X 10.9 using Xcode 5.

Using the command line tool for advanced functionality

Alternatively, you can also query the Brain Coactivation Map data using our command tool cmtool.

Authors and Contributors

Roberto Toro (@r03ert0)